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Secrets to Shooting Quality Videos with Your Smartphone

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Are you tired of taking mediocre videos with your smartphone? Are you looking to improve your video quality without buying an expensive camera? Look no further. In this article, we will share the secrets to shooting high-quality videos with your smartphone. We will cover everything from camera settings to lighting to editing tips. Moreover, we will also provide you with a list of websites where you can find royalty free music to enhance your video. So, grab your smartphone, and let's get started.

How Shoot Videos with Your Smartphone?

Let's discuss the benefits of using your smartphone to record videos before we reveal the techniques. To begin with, smartphones are practical and always available. You don't need to travel with a heavy camera to record moments. In terms of camera quality, smartphones have also advanced significantly. The majority of contemporary smartphones have sophisticated camera features, including 4K video recording and optical image stabilization. You can produce professional-looking videos on your smartphone by using the right techniques.

Camera Preferences 

Setting your camera settings properly is the first step in producing high-quality videos with your smartphone. The following are some settings to take into account: 


Make sure your resolution is set to the highest level. Your video will be crystal-clear and sharp as a result. 

Frame rate

Think about the frame rate that you want to shoot at. Shoot at 60 frames per second for smoother video (fps). Shooting at 24 fps is an option, though, if you prefer a more cinematic appearance.

Exposure and Focus

Make sure you adjust your exposure and focus before shooting. This will ensure that your subject is properly lit and in focus.


Good lighting is essential for shooting high-quality videos. Here are some tips for lighting your videos:

Natural Light

Whenever possible, shoot in natural light. This will give your video a more realistic and pleasing look.

Artificial Light

If you are shooting indoors, make sure you have proper artificial lighting. Consider investing in a ring light or softbox to achieve a professional look.

Avoid Harsh Shadows

Harsh shadows can be distracting in your videos. Make sure you position your subject in a way that avoids harsh shadows.


Your video's composition is just as crucial as the camera and lighting choices you make. The following advice will help you create your videos:

Rule of Thirds

Set your subject off-center using the rule of thirds. Your video will become more visually appealing as a result.


Try out various camera angles to give your video more interest. To add depth, think about shooting from a high or low angle.


Make your video more dynamic by adding movement. Use tilting or panning to show various viewpoints.


When making videos with a smartphone, audio is frequently disregarded. However, high-quality audio is just as crucial as high-quality video. Here are some pointers for getting high-quality audio:

Use a Microphone

To record audio with better quality, think about using an external microphone. Depending on your needs, a microphone can be used.

Avoid Background Noise

Make sure there is no background noise when you are shooting to avoid it. When editing your video, you can also use noise-reduction software.


To produce high-quality videos with your smartphone, editing is the last step. Here are a few editing pointers:

Cut out the Fluff

Take out any extraneous video from your production. Your video will become shorter and more interesting as a result.

Add Transitions

To ensure a seamless flow of scenes in your video, use transitions.

Color Correction

To change the color in your video, use color correction. It will appear more polished and consistent as a result of this.


You can shoot professional-quality videos using only your smartphone if you know these tricks. You can create professional-looking videos on a budget by adjusting your camera settings, lighting, composition, audio, and editing.

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