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Welcome to Hackerss.com

Hackerss.com is a community for developers, data scientists, ethical hackers, hardware enthusiasts or any person that wants to learn / share their knowledge of any aspect of digital technology.

Things you can do on Hackerss.com:

  • Tutorials
  • Questions (Technical or General)
  • Ask for #help
  • Share your project (Application, Web Page, etc)
  • Share your own Community *
  • Share your own Webpage *
  • Share your courses (Free or Paid) *
  • You can write in any Language (English, Spanish, etc).

* Please add a detail description of your Community, Webpage or Courses.

SEO Benefit for your webpage

If you have a tutorial on your own webpage you can also put in Hackerss and you can create a Canonical URL to obtain the SEO benefit for your page!

Rules - Very simple

  • Respect all people
  • There is no best Programming Language, Hardware, Console for all situations.

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