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Code Interpreter OpenAI - How to Use it and Activate

OpenAI is releasing the Code Interpreter for ChatGPT Plus users. In their tweet they said that it can take one week to be available for ChatGPT Plus users, however you can check in your account because is already available for multiple users.

OpenAI ChatGPT Code Interpretar Available

How to Activate Code Interpreter ChatGPT

These are the steps to activate the Code Interpreter on ChatGPT of OpenAI.

  1. You need to be paying for ChatGPT Plus: https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt-plus

  2. Activate the plugin by clicking on your email at the bottom left of the webpage:
    OpenAI ChatGPT Code Interpretar Settings

  3. Click on Settings

  4. On the new window click on Beta Features and activate code interpreter
    OpenAI ChatGPT Code Interpretar Beta Features

Example of how to use Code Interpreter on ChatGPT

In this simple example we will create a QR that goes to

  1. Create a new chat on ChatGPT and choose GPT-4 Image description
  2. Click on Code Interpreter Beta.
  3. Give the following instruction to ChatGPT "Create a QR code that send to https://www.hackerss.com/"
  4. It will generate the next ouput. Image description

What to do if you don't have the Code Interpretar on ChatGPT?

  1. Check that you are paying for ChatGPT Plus because if only available if you are paying.
  2. If not appearing try to log out and log in (Multiple people was able to use it after log out)

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